The most important factor is that you make sure you are buying the right system for your situation. A professional survey can help you identify both your needs and potential problems.Check your Power Source.A common problem with security cameras is the lack of a nearby power source, especially for outdoor CCTV installations. It's not very wise to step outside with your security camera system in hand only to discover that there's no power source.Know where your outlets are before you buy. If you know potential power problems up front, you can get good advice from sales representatives or even CCTV installers before you buy. Their expert suggestions may take you in an entirely different direction than you might have gone without it.If power connectivity is a challenge before your security camera system installation, you have several options to resolve it. You can have new power connections installed at the location of your cameras, or you can run wiring from your garage. Alternatively, you can go for a system that draws power from a battery. There are even solar security cameras available for locations with lots of light.